In Non classé

I went to Mar del Plata to attend the Trimarchi event in October. 3 days to explore design, music, art, counterculture and innovation through conferences, workshops, fair and concerts. It gathers people from across latin america. I’ve been amazed by the special blend of speakers and interesting discoveries I have made during those days. I also participated to three workshops to test and practice new methods.

5 hours bus journey to go back to Buenos Aires was perfect to think it all, at the end of it.

If I have been moved and inspired by a a lot of speakers, here are the two I’ll keep in mind. I captured their vision about design power:


Creative director

Michelle is an American graphic designer, working as director at Imaginary forces. She shared with us the creation process she adopts and showed us various exemples to illustrate what she creates as a designer.

« As designers we are not curing cancer, we are not doctors. But we have power.
We have the power to influence change, to help people see another way or another side, to bring beauty into the world which is a gift to be able to do, to make the complex simple, to entertain, to make something memorable, to delight, surprise and to form connection.
The most powerful thing that I think we have as designers: we have the power to make people feel something. When it comes to creation, I think that we have the power to combine esthetics principles of design, with the emotional and story telling elements of entertainment to have a result that makes us think and feel. That makes me really happy. »


Graphic designer

Coco Cerrella is an Argentinian graphic designer working on visual identity and social design. He guided us through his process to create posters with social meaning that are now in various countries. But above all, he shared his experience as a teacher in Devoto prison, what he manages to give and spread and also everything he has learnt. 

« We are not going to solve the problem of world hunger, but we can raise consciousness and create awareness. We are responsible for sending a message. »
« Graphic design has the power to make people laugh, bringing together cultural and society symbols. »

Creating « un affiche extremo » with Coco Cerrella:

Practicing lettering with Marcelo Pellizo: