Brasil is plural,

Brasil is « mestiçagem ».

I took the opportunity being in Buenos Aires to discover São Paulo and visit Brazilian friends met in Barcelona.

I have stayed 5 intense days plentiful of « vida paulista ». I was quickly immersed in local life, urban dynamic and cultural richness. I discovered new business models, brazilian art and local handicraft thanks to Anderson and his family who met the challenge to share so much with me during those days. As a designer working on an innovation consulting firm, Anderson presented me the real dynamic toward future in his city.

A special thanks to Anderson, Lidi, Nina, Kadu, Carlota & cie for your very warm welcome.

Conversation with Rico Lins

Inspirating encounters

 We Fab

is a maker space to connect companies with makers. They organize events to enhance innovation and impulse the maker culture in business world.


is a startup designing a new business model in São Paulo. It is launching clothing loan based on monthly subscription.


is a fashion brand from Porto Alegre that using leather remaining from shoes industry to create accessories and clothes.


is a shoe brand using second hand clothes to create new products, since fabric recycling process isn’t very developed.

New experience

MASP – Museu de Arte de São Paulo

This museum installation surprised me since it was the first time I experienced a new concept in museum practice. I felt like I was invited to explore a forest of paintings. What I did ! I createdmy own journey among them, attracted by a color or an artist I like, without feeling obliged to turn around a room, waiting for the people in front of me to walk until the next piece to see this one.
Rejecting conventions creates liberty for the visitor.
A frame doesn’t have to hang on a wall. It adds a new dimension in the experience. Reducing at the same time distance between art and visitor. I felt I could really engage with each painting.
Because description was behind the frame, I was not looking at a Degas or a Monnet, I was discovering colors, brush use or composition. Then, if I wanted to, turning around I could read the description, the artist’s name… And going back to the canvas again.
Because paintings are fixed on glass easeles, it gave me the impressionthey were flying.Mooving through and around the pantings, I could go from one to the other depending on the first one catching my eye, the people around…

Street art

Is the city grey ? São Paulo shows its creative and colorful side with street art, going for a worldwide reputation with internationally renowned artists such as Os Gemeos or Kobra. Street art reflects the cultural mix, local inhabitants’ voices and reactions to social issues and concerns. It is everywhere, but mainly on avenida 23 de maio, avenida Cruzeiro do sol and in Cambuci and Vila Madalena neighborhoods… Here are some pictures from a colorful walk in Vila Madalena neighborhood where I was guided by all the murals. Most of these pictures are taken in Beco do Batman.

32sd bienal

« An exhibition based on dialogues between distinct explorations by 81 artists from 33 countries. » 

This bienal, entitled « Incerteza viva » (live uncertainty) focused on how to approach uncertainties we are facing today, such as global warming, identity movements, diffusion and flows… It enabled me to explore relationship between all elements of our systems: people, culture, economy, work, politics… Expanding the creative principles of uncertainty in many different directions to question our relation to time and our relation to life, I wondered what is modernity ? what are the links between generations and era ? what is creation and what is destruction ?

« To confront the big questions of our time objectively, it is necessary to detach uncertainty from fear. »