What an amazing impression to arrive by night in Mexico city, flying over the huge ocean of lights, thinking this will be where I’ll start my new adventure.

I have stayed one month in the city, starting a new way of life discovering the exciting and terrifying feeling of liberty. I organized myself to quickly feel at home and enter the creation process. I started crafting, taking drawing lessons, watercolors and ceramic workshops. The challenge : draw one of my drinks everyday.

From a design point of view, this first step was essentially about exploring and observing the city, the designers’ work… Each day, I was looking for a color, a pattern, a typography that together build the specific atmosphere of the city. I also met designers having a large range of experiences. Finally, to better know Mexico city, I asked some of their inhabitants how they will describe it in three words and the colors they attached to it.

This step is the beginning of my work on how to share an experience. I’ll be working on it all along my project.

cultural & historical


An endless inspiration to guide mexican everyday lives. Traditions and rustic are noways fashion. Collaboration between designers, artisans and artists seems acted to create present time.

a picturesque

color use

Colors make it so special and enable to emerge yourself in the mexican world, creating pictures at each corner. Their inspiration comes from all flowers, fruits and landscape treasures they have.

2 directions to look at:

US & Latin America

Creating two spheres of influence. The localisation so closed to the US characterize the country for the strong economic, cultural and politic links.









Conversations with designers

Silva, Designer

Silvia Dufour is an industrial designer specialized in ceramics. We met at Irma's studio where she was working her own clay . She is also passionate about calligraphy. We started chatting and she [...]

Sofía, architect and designer

Sofia owns the restaurant Santa Vida in Roma Norte, not far from where I lived. This small place caught my eye and the yellow color attracted me, the sign promising a “kitchen from the roots”, [...]

Rosa, Designer

Rosa is a graphic designer. It was interesting to talk with her about her experience, the creative processes she uses and the dedication she puts in her illustrations

Irma, ceramist

Irma Jimenez is a ceramist, owner of the workshop "Huellas de Agua" in Roma Norte. I was lucky enough to learn ceramic with her for a month. It’s an addictive activity because basic techniques [...]

Maritza, architect

Martiza is an architect, founder of the design studio: Capital Studio. She’s specialized in interior design. She builds furnitures and home accessories together with Mexican craftsmen. I’ve met [...]

Sergio, graphic artist

I found Sergio by chance in Mexico City. We quickly began talking with the simplicity and ease that characterize so many Mexicans. Sergio is a graphic artist. He created his own design studio [...]

Silva, diseñadora

Silvia Dufour es diseñadora industrial especializada en cerámica. Nos conocimos en el taller de cerámica de Irma en donde estaba haciendo su propio barro. A ella también apasiona también la caligrafía.

Rosa, diseñadora

Rosa es diseñadora gráfica. Fue interesante platicar con ella, de su experiencia, de los procesos creativos que utiliza y de todo lo que pone en ilustraciones…

Irma, ceramista

Irma Jimenez es ceramista, dueña del taller Huellas de agua en la Roma Norte. Tuve la suerte de aprender cerámica con ella durante un mes. Es una actividad adictiva ya que unas técnicas básicas [...]

Sofia, arquitecta y diseñadora

Sofia es dueña del restaurante Santa Vida, en la Roma Norte, a poca distancia de donde yo vivía. Me llamó la atención este pequeño lugar, y me atrajo el color amarillo, el cartel prometiendo una [...]

My crafting & painting experiments

Rosa mexicano / Mexican pink

As my journey has progressed, I make a practice to ask some Mexicans which colors represent the city for them. I was surprised when some of them first answer was grey, without any hesitation. Because I have found the city so colorful ! Nonetheless, the most common answer was « mexican pink ». This same color you now find on taxis. Here are some examples:

Yellow passion

Mexico city described by some of its inhabitants

What are the three objectives you would use to describe your city ? This is the question I asked to approximately 10 of its inhabitants.