Maritza, architect

Martiza is an architect, founder of the design studio: Capital Studio. She’s specialized in interior design. She builds furnitures and home accessories together with Mexican craftsmen. I’ve met Martiza at her home, which really reflects her style and way of living. My first impression was hard to explain, but now I can really appreciate the Mexican style on it. It’s a live picture of originality, expressed by design, her experience working with the artisans and her knowledge of the materials used. I love talking with her about her work together with the craftsmen and the fruits of her knowledge and habilities.

Maritza studio
Could you explain to me your daily job?

I’m an architect and now I design interiors and furniture. During this part of the year my work is a bit peculiar, focused mainly in the logistics, suppliers, clients…

During my creation process I pick two materials for each piece of work. I search for inspiration in the street, in books, internet and blogs. For example, walking through a local market if I see a little bench with beautiful legs I start thinking about other products I could create from there. I’m very conservative with my designs, I work with what people can think are boring shapes, simple to create.

How can you assure your products are functional?

I normally work with standard measures. Every time I create something I have it at my place, and I use it to see if it is actually useful. A table should be useful to eat or work on it in a comfortable way; you learn this in architecture school. I normally think about what I have at home to make it practical. If I want to build a night table I think about it measures, how I’ll do it…

Maritza studio
Why did you choose this career?

I always wanted to work with art, but in a substantial way, creating something easy to understand, tangible. I have always loved architecture. It is a good mix of all arts, and something from which you can make a living

What do you need to be an architect?

. You should be organized to accomplish the client’s demands.

. Being smart and creative with everything you build, searching for suppliers, finding what does work and what doesn’t, trying to understand what is what people like. You need to search the correct ways of advertising yourself, to solve problems, creating a good team in your supply chain.

What does make you happy?

Delivering my products in time and form. When my new pieces are well done.

I went to the week design and I find my brand was well received. I was so happy! Everything went on as planned, thanks to many different people’s work. I like to see how the new mexican design is being supported. I was there invited as an emergent artist in the hotel Condesa DF.

Which work made you more proud?

Having my tables bought in hundreds made me really proud. But I also like those pieces which aren’t bought. They are all made with the same care by craftsmen, I don’t have a favourite one, I like them all.

You work a lot with artisans, can you tell me about your building process with them?

Working with Mexican craftsmen is amazing! There are so many here, specialized in different aspects. Craftsmen have the technique and designers have design refinement.

Crafts all by themselves are ok, but would never be good design. Mancuerna is great because it joins the work of the craftsmen and the designers. It improves everyone’s work.

You would never wear a craft that doesn’t suit you, that has the wrong colour. The traditional molcajete is built in a volcanic rock: It’s fat and heavy, but it is beautiful. Peca changes the product using the same technique to work with this rock. It builds new products with old techniques.

Designers contribute shifting perspectives.

What is your relationship with the artisans?

The guy that we work with had never built what we asked, as in his local town this is considered as ugly. But he’s got the know-how. Each one, the artisan and the designer realizes what they add in the working relationship. When our artisan delivered the final product at our offices he realized that the trays were really used and that everything that sounded weird to him makes sense at our place.

Can you tell me about your creation process?

It depends on the project I am working on. I get to know the clients for a week, searching for their characteristics, if they are married, if they have kids, their budget…  and I draw their needs. I look up for furniture in the internet as it’s really quick and full of inspiration. I always keep an eye open at the street, but sometimes I don’t have so much time to send the proposition and the budget, which are important because they enable us to start projects.

I also go around for walks and take pictures, but more as a hobby. I travel a lot too.

©photos from Capital Studio