Silva, Designer

Silvia Dufour is an industrial designer specialized in ceramics. We met at Irma's studio where she was working her own clay . She is also passionate about calligraphy. We started chatting and she [...]

Rosa, Designer

Rosa is a graphic designer. It was interesting to talk with her about her experience, the creative processes she uses and the dedication she puts in her illustrations

Irma, ceramist

Irma Jimenez is a ceramist, owner of the workshop "Huellas de Agua" in Roma Norte. I was lucky enough to learn ceramic with her for a month. It’s an addictive activity because basic techniques [...]

Jeanne, styliste

Jeanne est la créatrice de la marque de bijoux Sésame&Orion. Je l’ai rencontrée un dimanche à la feria de San Telmo où elle les vend. Styliste de formation, elle applique son savoir-faire au [...]

Maritza, architect

Martiza is an architect, founder of the design studio: Capital Studio. She’s specialized in interior design. She builds furnitures and home accessories together with Mexican craftsmen. I’ve met [...]

Sergio, graphic artist

I found Sergio by chance in Mexico City. We quickly began talking with the simplicity and ease that characterize so many Mexicans. Sergio is a graphic artist. He created his own design studio [...]

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