What is the power of design ?

Looking for different perspectives in various countries.
Meeting inspiring designers.
Sharing my adventure with you to create food for thought in a changing world.

4 destinations

250 days

endless new encounters


Discover new cultures, lose my points of reference and meet inspiring people.

Learn &

Undertake an experiential learning and chose some clases around the world to complete it.


Create and take-up a new challenge at each step.

Latest posts:  

Sergio, graphic artist

I found Sergio by chance in Mexico City. We quickly began talking with the simplicity and ease that characterize so many Mexicans. Sergio is a graphic artist. He created his own design studio [...]

Maritza, architect

Martiza is an architect, founder of the design studio: Capital Studio. She’s specialized in interior design. She builds furnitures and home accessories together with Mexican craftsmen. I’ve met [...]

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