My experience in Barcelona was pretty different from what I lived in Mexico. Before leaving I was thinking I could use the same template to share my experience in each city. Now, I want each page to reflect the particular discoveries I made at each step.

Surely, this new experience was totally made by the new encounters and also by the specific energy of the city. Furthermore the difference comes from three other points: I already knew the city, it is a european culture and I attended a two weeks course with a group of 15 persons from all around the world. 

Comparing with Mexico, this step was more about thinking than making. I have met few designers, and tons of inspiring people. I learned more about myself and the transition we are living. 

Experience map

Living in Gracia district, I enjoyed my Barcelona life. I have been trying a new way to communicate my experience: building it from the city map, playing with tourism related components. I have been meeting so many inspiring persons who created such a specific journey. I choose to depict some of them. With the name I added an element representing the person for me and an inspiring sentence.

Conversations with designers

Coming soon…

Innovation & Future thinking @IED Barcelona

I attended a summer course at IED about Innovation & Future thinking. We were 16 persons coming from 10 different countries. This made the conversations very rich and captivating. It enabled me to check that people around my age have more similarities even if we come from various continents than I have with different generations in my own country.

We learned how to detect signals, to identify trends and drivers and how to transform the information collected into a strategic decision making tool. We practice narrative framing. And finally we developed a small group project with a prototype.

Talking about future in Barcelona is perfect thanks to the city’s dynamism and the feeling that everything is possible.