Las tardecitas de Buenos Aires tienen este qué sé yo

I arrived in a city with major design dimension, an important graphical tradition, where design is mainly related to communication, fashion and product. The designers’ offer is striking, a faithful representation of Buenos Aires city. They propose a combination of latin roots and european influences. They create their own identity. It is as if they manage to catch the special energy of the city and transmit it in their design. You know, this energy you feel when you are at a café table and you don’t know how to explain you feel you could be nowhere else.

At this step, I have met more product and textile designers as innovation by design is not so common for political and economical reasons. I also discovered many designers with ecological and ethical awareness as guiding principle for their creations and productions. 

Three districts are famous for design : Palermo, San Telmo y Barracas. Going for a walk there is always inspiring, full of creativity and with wonderful encounters. It’s a pleasure of wandering from streets to streets, discovering shops and studio. Barracas, an industrial area in gentrification process, is named the design district project. The Design Metropolitan Center (CMD) is a governmental institution to promote design in the city and the industry. I participated to many events there related to design. 

It comes as no surprise Buenos Aires was appointed as the first UNESCO City of Design in 2005. As they say on the UNESCO website : « As a cross-road of diverse backgrounds, histories, people and ethnicities, the city of Buenos Aires has been capturing the essence of diversity and creativity in order to develop one of the most viable and productive design industries in the South American continent. Spanning the fields of fashion, architecture, industrial, interior and urban design with a keen focus on incorporating the latest technology and know-how, Buenos Aires is a city that inspires design. »

Conversations with designers

Jeanne, styliste

Jeanne est la créatrice de la marque de bijoux Sésame&Orion. Je l’ai rencontrée un dimanche à la feria de San Telmo où elle les vend. Styliste de formation, elle applique son savoir-faire au [...]

Rocío, diseñadora sustentable

Rocío es la creadora de Greca, una marca de diseño sustentable con doble dimensión ética: trabajar con materiales de rescate para dar trabajo a los que lo necesitan. Gracias a esta experiencia, [...]

Mercedes, diseñadora textil

Creadora de la marca Kaymanta, Mercedes se define como diseñadora y artesana, ya que hace de todo para la creación de sus carteras. La raíz de su creación está en el tejido del norte argentino. [...]

Sofia, diseñadora textil

Sofia es la creadora de las joyas de tejidos Lanaria. Jugando con la metafora de lo que parece y lo que es, creando joyas de lana que parecen cadenas de metal. Hechas de tejido, tienen la ventaja [...]

Design dynamic

My crafting and painting experiments

Practising tango

Working on cultural differences

Street art