A day with Cesar Giraldo

Bogotá – What a wonderful day in Cesar’s studio ! Once again I felt this specific sensation I find in creative workshops. I just feel good in those places, with the values transmitted, it feels right to be here. I love to enter a new world, walking into the studio with precaution, smelling the leather, touching each piece and wandering how they were done. I love to make new pieces, realizing the full process from the idea to the creation. I find it so rewarding to create something I have been thinking. At the end of the day I had made two small bags, met a bench of new people, learnt another art&craft, talked about Colombia, cultural differences or life goals…

Cesar opened this « atelier » 18 years ago but started working with leather years before, when he was still working in clothing industry. His experience led him several times in Europe and now he sends some pieces abroad when he has orders. His reconversion inspires me as I share the values he transmits in his art. As he says, the late industrialisation of Latin America gave the opportunity to have today an important handicraft legacy in the region. When a new client enter the studio to have a specific piece, Cesar asks him about the usage and how he will use it to propose adaptations and be sure it will fit the needs.

« Pensar algo y realizarlo tranquiliza mucho el espíritu. »

I took some pictures of the first folder realization:

1/ Draw and cut the model in a cardboard, choosing the size and shape wanted. The idea is to play with folds and stitchings.

2/ Choose the leather. Replicate the model on the leather and cut it

3/ Colour the edges

4/ Build the folder stitching. I learnt two different ways.