250 for


Looking for different perspectives in various countries. Meeting inspiring designers. Sharing my adventure with you to create food for thought in a changing world.

I dedicated 250 days to explore, experiment and further learn design. I traveled in four countries to meet designers from a large range of expertises, to craft with artisans and discover new possibilities. I have planned my own learning journey, building my program as an entrepreneurial project to have a design based thinking.
I hope you will enjoy the journey and the conversations with designers I met.

Maritza, architect

Martiza is an architect, founder of the design studio: Capital Studio. She’s specialized in interior design. She builds furnitures and home accessories together with Mexican craftsmen. I’ve met [...]

Irma, ceramist

Irma Jimenez is a ceramist, owner of the workshop "Huellas de Agua" in Roma Norte. I was lucky enough to learn ceramic with her for a month. It’s an addictive activity because basic techniques [...]